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Playgrid Weekly Digest
Playgrid Weekly Digest
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Playgrid Digest
Playgrid Digest
Playgrid's NFT Weekly Update
Gala Games Reveals Fully Licensed Battlestar Galactica Web3 MMO
Gala Games will develop the title in collaboration with IP holder Universal, and fellow Web3 specialists, Revolving Games, building out an expansive empire-building grand-strategy experience, as it expands on the popular science-fiction television series.
Animoca Acquires Notre Game with Plans to Develop ‘Scratch Lords’
Expected to launch in Q3 of this year, Scratch Lords will essentially add NFT utilisation and trading to the pre-existing Scratch Wars concept, which currently sees players interact with a physical-virtual hybrid mobile collectible card game based on ‘scratchable’ paper cards that are unique, scannable, and can be used both online and offline.
Epic Games Selects Wild West Battle Royale GRIT for Web3 Debut
This development opens up Epic’s massive 194 million userbases to the prospects of Web3 gaming, potentially representing a watershed moment for the industry as a whole.
Genopets KI Token Launch & Airdrop
Genopets prepare to airdrop KI tokens to stakers as part of the token launch. They will also hold a public sale for the tokens on Strata, in what they are calling a ‘Dynamic Pricing Protocol’. KI token is a key component to the next layer of their economy.
My Neighbour Alice Builds Anticipation For Its First Virtual Land Unveiling
The multiplayer builder game, My Neighbor Alice has shown positive signs that its first virtual land will soon be available to the public. Known as Tourney Wolds, these plots of land are on an island in the Lummelunda archipelago.
Playgrid's Game of the Week
Shrapnel is an upcoming AAA Extraction FPS powered by next-gen community-driven tools, built on the blockchain to offer true ownership. Experience a not-too-distant future where a mysterious substance has changed the balance of power as we know it. Whether you’re a player or a builder, you’ll find your place in this game.
Features - Multiplayer, FPS
Genre - Shooting, P2E
Blockchain - Avalanche
Platforms - Upcoming
Investment Needed - Yes
Game Website -
3 Facts About NFTs You Probably Don't Know
  • A LeBron James NFT sold for more than $21.6 million.
A statue of basketball star Lebron James sold for more than $21.6 million on the NFT marketplace. LeBron is believed to have personally benefited from the sale. 
  • Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, sold his first tweet in NFT format for $2.9 million.
Described as the Mona Lisa of tweets, Mr Dorsey was able to get such a high price because of speculation that the NFT’s value will increase in the future. The tweet read, “just setting up my twttr,” putting the price at $100,000 per character.
  • Eminem sold his first NFT collection for $1.78 million. 
Eminem sold his Shady Con collection in April 2021 for $1.78 million, according to Nifty Gateway statistics. The NFT included digital action figures that influenced the American rapper during his childhood.
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