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Playgrid Weekly Digest - Issue #3

Playgrid Weekly Digest
Playgrid Weekly Digest
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Playgrid's NFT Weekly Update
DeFi Land Launches Play-and-Earn Mechanics
With the introduction of the new gaming mechanics, players will earn the native $DFL token as a reward, along with a new in-game currency dubbed $GOLDY. Players can use these currencies to upgrade their in-game NFTs or customize, craft, repair, and socially interact with others.
Animoca Brands Introduces a REVV Lifeline to its F1 Delta Time Community
Parent company, Animoca Brands, has refused to leave collectors stranded after losing its F1 license two months ago. It is now giving them a Revv Motorsport-shaped lifeline in order to recoup the value in their NFTs. Therefore, allowing owners to slide right into Animoca Brands’ latest play-to-earn motorsport arena. (Read more here)
DoRac’s Interactive Quests & Adventures
The team at DoRac have completed the first phase of the roadmap and aims to bring full Smart NFT integration, viewable races, competitive racing championships, and more. The launch of their IDO is set to take place in Q3 of 2022, with a small market cap at launch.
Phantom Galaxies Planet Private Sale Raises $19.3million
Phantom Galaxies, Animoca Brands & Blowfish Studios announced the successful close of the heavily oversubscribed Planet Private Sale. 7,734 Planets and Asteroids were sold for a total of US$19.3 million. Also, 125,000 users are actively playing the Alpha version.
Azra Games Raises $15million In Seed Funding To Build First Game
Azra Games has announced that it has raised $15million in a seed funding round led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz for “Project Arcanas”, a sci-fi fantasy epic with mass combat and role-playing game (RPG) elements based on web3 technology.
Aavegotchi Raffles Return With Gotchiverse REALM Decorations
Aavegotchi’s first Decorations Raffle is scheduled to begin Thursday, June 9th at 2 pm UTC and last until Sunday, June 12th at 2 pm UTC. During this period players will be able to enter the one-time-use of NFT Raffle Tickets into the Raffle for a chance at winning various decorations.
Playgrid's Game of the Week
Fight of the Ages
While delivering the best 3D gaming experience, Fight of the ages empowers its players to roleplay and make characters exclusively theirs. Integrated with the MOBA-RPG genre, players can interact with teammates in the FOTA metaverse in real-time. 
Features - 3D, P2E
Genre - RPG
Platforms - IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, WebGL
Rating - 5
Investment Needed - Yes
Playgrid’s Comment
Fight of Ages is a real immersive game experience with a very impressive and brilliant concept.
Game Website -
Whitepaper -
3 Facts About NFTs You Probably Don't Know
  • The first NFT project was Colored Coins in 2012
Despite not fully supporting the application, the first attempt at NFTs can be traced back to the Bitcoin blockchain. The project was called Colored Coins and sought to expand the use of Bitcoin beyond currency. By setting up a meta-data layer on top of Bitcoin, the project set up IPOs to tie real-world assets to digital tokens. The project is still active today.
  • Anything digital can become an NFT
Literally, anything digital can become an NFT. Though most of the buzz surrounds the selling of digital art and collectables, the flexibility of the technology means almost anything can be tokenized. Domain names, in-game assets, tweets, songs, and videos, just to name a few things, can all be linked to a smart contract, establishing proof of ownership
  • Forgery doesn’t exist in the NFT world
With some experts warning that over 50% of all art on the market is likely fake, the risks of investing in physical art are great. NFTs offer a solution to this, offering artists a way to prove and establish a chain of ownership using the blockchain ledger.
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