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Playgrid Weekly Digest - Issue #15

Playgrid Weekly Digest
Playgrid Weekly Digest
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Playgrid's NFT Weekly Update
Animoca’s Grease Monkey Games Secures Epic MegaGrant
Animoca Brands subsidiary Grease Monkey Games has scored a major coup by securing a grant from Cary, the creators of Fortnite and Epic Games. The MegaGrant, which can range from $5,000 to $500,000, is given to promising projects in the space and Grease Monkey Games has shed some light on how it will be used. According to Grease Monkey, the funds will be put towards its Torque Drift 2 motorsport game. Animoca, Grease Monkey’s parent company which specializes in blockchain games, has been pursuing metaverse development for a while now and this title is the latest effort from them.
Unbox Special NFTs That Can Help You Earn Up To $39.60 Daily With inSHAPE
A new contender, inSHAPE, looks to blow the industry wide open by rewarding a much broader range of sporting activities. All the while, NFT ownership will add a welcome boost to how much a participant can earn. Through inSHAPE’s exciting new platform, fans of physical effort and deliberate exercise can earn $SHAPE tokens by recording their daily exertions, with activities such as Basketball, Tennis, Hiking, Walking, Running and Gym all ready to go for its slated October beta release.
Web3 Games Studio Emergent Games Launches Resurgence Cryotag NFTs
Emergent Games has already proven itself to be one of the most active developers in the Web3 gaming space. It has now just announced the release of its non-fungible tokens (NFTs) known as Genesis 0 Cryotag. These NFTs have been created solely for the purpose of being used in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Resurgence. Where some NFTs fail, when it comes to gameplay, is a lack of utility. However, Emergent has ensured that NFTs created for Resurgence are different. They are upgradable, allowing players to add features to the game, and they even have a cool countdown feature that presses players to complete tasks against the clock.
Ragnarok Boss Apologises After Losing 12% Of Startup Capital Through Crypto Trading
Billed as one of the most exciting developments in NFT gaming, Ragnarok is a project that has generated huge levels of interest. Not only are gamers keeping a watchful eye on all that is developing, but the company has managed to make early moves that demonstrated the true size of the potential here. Through its first-ever NFT sale, Ragnarok managed to bring in an astonishing $15.5 million of Ether (ETH). These funds belonged to the company’s treasury and they were earmarked for NFT gaming development.
Playgrid's Game of the Week
Phantom Galaxies Episode 4
The traditional 3D action RPGs (ARPG) are already familiar to millions of gamers, with the important difference that they will allow players to exercise governance and to have true ownership and control of their in-game assets (such as mechs, equipment, avatars, and game currency) thanks to the use of fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
Phantom Galaxies aims to be the leading multichain science-fiction mecha-shared world online ARPG. It will provide the most fully fleshed out PC and Console game experience that integrates blockchain to enable true game asset ownership and player-driven governance. Phantom Galaxies will be a full “AAA” game that will serve as a shining example of real in-game governance by players and token holders.
By supporting multiple crypto communities through a multichain framework, Phantom Galaxies will cater to millions of players and a variety of project collaborations in a single metaverse.
The game world of Phantom Galaxies will integrate with a variety of media channels for a full transmedia storytelling experience. Players will discover the story of Phantom Galaxies through gameplay, books, comics, anime, and NFT collectible merchandise.
For the latest episode, pressure mounts on the Rangers, as all-out war threatens to consume the NCA. The Ensign must uncover the schemes of the Xanorra and Brooksea, and forge uneasy alliances of their own.
Status - Live
Genre - RPG & MMORPG | Shooter
Blockchain - AAA
Platform - PC
Rating - 5
Community Rating - 10/10
Tokenomics Rating - 10/10
Partnerships Rating - 7/10
Investment - $10 - $250
3 Facts About NFTs You Probably Don't Know
Forgery doesn’t exist in the NFT world
With some experts warning that over 50% of all art on the market is likely fake, the risks of investing in physical art are great. NFTs offer a solution to this, offering artists a way to prove and establish a chain of ownership using the blockchain ledger.
Anything digital can become an NFT
Literally, anything digital can become an NFT. Though most of the buzz surrounds the selling of digital art and collectibles, the flexibility of the technology means almost anything can be tokenized. Domain names, in-game assets, tweets, songs, and videos, just to name a few things, can all be linked to a smart contract, establishing proof of ownership
The first NFT project was Colored Coins in 2012
Despite not fully supporting the application, the first attempt at NFTs can be traced back to the Bitcoin blockchain. The project was called Colored Coins and sought to expand the use of Bitcoin beyond currency. By setting up a meta-data layer on top of Bitcoin, the project set up IPOs to tie real-world assets to digital tokens. The project is still active today.
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