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Playgrid Weekly Digest
Playgrid Weekly Digest
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Playgrid's NFT Weekly Update
My Pet Hooligan Goes Alpha
Chaotic realm of unruly rabbits, ‘My Pet Hooligan’, has finally launched its much-touted immersive multiplayer experience. Thereby, giving token holders a first glimpse of what lurks down the now infamous ‘Rabbit Hole’. The launch sees ‘My Pet Hooligan’ cross into its hugely anticipated Alpha v1.1 release, building on the work of its previous phase with more weapons, more maps, and fewer bugs. This is the first real indication of how this vast Rabbit-fuelled metaverse will eventually unfold.
Decentral Games Lowers Entry Bar with Fast Paced Tournaments
Premier play-to-earn metaverse gaming platform, Decentral Games, has launched its all-new Sit ‘N’ Go poker tournaments. A fast paced, highly competitive entry-level competition designed for card lovers to get a foothold in the new era of virtual poker. Now, those looking to get started via both Decentraland or the Flex mobile app, can get involved for a minimal initial outlay, and then begin to rise through the ranks of the glorious ICE poker ecosystem. The exciting new Sit ‘N’ Go tournaments debuted on Decentral Games ICE poker platform on August 18, taking the shape of a highly competitive, fast-paced, six player, single-elimination game designed to get the heart pumping.
Activision Accused of Plagiarising NFT Skin
Activision is once again under fire for allegedly plagiarizing a skin in Call of Duty: Warzone. Before it was a two-year-old concept image on ArtStation, and now it’s concept art from Dr Disrespect’s upcoming NFT-based shooter, Deadrop. The similarities were noted right away by Twitter users. On the left, we see the Deadrop concept art for one of the many “Variant” operatives. The new “Doomsayer” skin from Call of Duty’s Tracer Pack Malware Ultra Skin bundle is on the right. Both are armoured characters wearing a hood and featuring a digital visor projecting an image of a blue skull.
Infinity Skies Launches Demo With $5000 Giveaway
Infinity Skies has launched a brand new demo, introducing a host of new features to its castle-building community. The new sandbox-style game invites players to build a castle on an island in the sky, using tradable NFTs, and chase glory on the social leaderboard. What is more? You can play and earn with the game’s native cryptocurrency ‘Skyblock’, which is achieved through trading in NFTs with other players, using the game’s in-built marketplace. The game’s four core elements are: Build, Adventure, Socialize and Trade. Excitement is building around the project and at the time of writing, the game’s ISKY token was up 150% in the last 24 hours.
Playgrid's Game of the Week
Kryxivia is a fantasy world where recently a mine has been discovered in which lies the remnant of an ancient civilization. In there, we found magical gems that held tremendous power that was named Kryxit by the founders.
After hearing the news, every great empire on the continent sent groups of mercenaries across the globe to get a hold of the precious magical resource, at the same time lone adventurers tried their shots at glory, power and fame. Soon after, a city formed around the entrance of the mine “Kryxivia”. The city is surrounded by mountains and a lot of people went there to live and find healtyness: Mercenaries, merchants, traders: everyone who thinks they could potentially live directly from the exploitation.
The mysterious mine, situated behind a huge door on the mountain flank, is a seemingly infinite source of Kryxit which is hodl and kept secret by guardians; some groups of monsters, dragons and other creatures living in the mine are protecting the ecosystem.
There are three big factions that contest the possessions of Kryxit that are only at peace because war would disrupt the extraction of the magical resource, but be sure that the tension is constant between them. Inside “Kryxivia”, you will find a new and blooming city with all your needs to join the fight and try to take Kryxits from the mine! The city is built mainly by several different peoples, by small groups of adventurers and merchants.
Status - Live
Genre - Adventure | RPG & MMORPG | PVP | PVE
Blockchain - Binance
Platform - Web | Computer
Rating - 5
Community Rating - 9/10
Tokenomics Rating - 8/10
Partnerships Rating - 10/10
Gameplay Rating - 10/10
Investment - Free-to-play
Game Website -
3 Facts About NFTs You Probably Don't Know
Ethereum is energy-intensive
Most NFTs still rely on the Ethereum network which uses massive amounts of energy to process transactions. A single Ethereum transaction is estimated to use 238 kWh of energy. This is in stark contrast to a payment processor such as VISA which uses 148 kWh to process 100k transactions!
Ethereum 2.0 will make NFT transactions a lot greener!
Ethereum’s current energy consumption is so high because it uses a proof-of-work consensus model. Upon the rollout of Ethereum 2.0, the network will transition to using a proof-of-stake model that will use an estimated 99.95% less energy meaning NFT transactions will be a lot greener!
There are green NFT blockchains
While some blockchains are reverse-engineering their way to being more green, some are designed with being environmentally in mind from the beginning. One such blockchain is Harmony (ONE) which uses sharding and “Effective Proof-of-Stake” to process transactions using a lot less energy than competitors.
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