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Playgrid - Issue #14

Playgrid Weekly Digest
Playgrid Weekly Digest
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Playgrid's NFT Weekly Update
Animoca Brands Raises $45M To Boost Its NFT Ecosystem
Animoca Brands KK, a Japanese subsidiary of video gaming behemoth and Web3 investment powerhouse Animoca Brands, has amassed $45 million in financing at a $500 million pre-money valuation. In an August 26 blog post, Animoca Brand KK confirmed the successful financing that has raised $45 million. The recent funding saw the participation of its parent firm Animoca Brands and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG).
Neopets Launches Metaverse Alpha
The Neopets might have been a staple of many of our childhoods but we can now enjoy them as adults in the metaverse. This comes as the Neopets franchise announced on August 23, 2022, the launch of the Alpha version of its new metaverse. As per the release, the Neopets metaverse Alpha is an invite-only multi-week event that will begin on August 26, 2022. During this event, attendees will get a first look at the incoming Neopets metaverse. This will include 6 different events designed by the Neopets team that are only accessible in this metaverse.
Atletico Madrid et Whalefin Announce Genesis Football NFTs
Top Spanish football club Atletico Madrid, along with the Whalefin app, has announced an incoming NFT collection that will be going live on StepN, a web3 lifestyle app. As per the official announcement, the team will be releasing 1001 football boot NFTs which come with perks for their holders. Some details have been released about the incoming collection and what it will entail. While all 1001 NFTs will be football boots, they will not all have the same design. 850 of them will be ‘common’ boots and will be in honour of the titles won by the team over the years. As such, each of the common boots will have the date and place that their respective title was won attached. 
Faded Arcade Launches Free Hamster Jamz NFTs With Access To Game
Faded Arcade has announced that 10,000 Hamster Jamz Profile Picture (PFP) NFTs will be available to the mint for free on August 26th 2022, at 8 am EST. What is more, your free NFT will gain you access to the Hamster Jamz game, where you can play as the hero ‘Waffles McFluffybutt’. To play the game, keep your Hamster Jamz NFT in your crypto wallet, which will act as your game pass for access. While minting is available on August 26th, you can still connect your digital wallet to the Hamster Jamz platform today. To do this, you can either scan the QR code using your wallet app or choose the desktop version of your preferred wallet.
Playgrid's Game of the Week
Following the solar surge in the year 2030, the human race was forced to spend more time underground. The World leaders imposed a curfew of only two hours of daylight to avoid the long-term effects of solar radiation. More and more people started to spend time in the Metaverse, particularly the popular Sandbox. With the invention of the VR suit by Sandbox, people were able to fully immerse themselves in the virtual realm. Fiat money became obsolete, and the currency of the entire world was based on the Ethereum blockchain. Crypto “OGs” benefited the most from this shift in reality as they’d been scooping up ETH since 2015. In this new reality, the best way to make coins was to do so in the Metaverse. Some areas became more heavily populated than others, creating a divide in the Sandbox which eventually overtook all others ‘verses.
Status - Development
Genre - Adventure
Blockchain - Binance
Platform - Web
Rating - 4
Game Website -
3 Facts About NFTs You Probably Don't Know
  • Some of the biggest gaining cryptocurrencies in 2021 were gaming and metaverse projects. Sandbox ($SAND) gained 12.763%. But that was beaten by Axie Infinity ($AXS) which gained 15.132%. And those were dwarfed by Gala ($GALA) which gained 40.400%.
  • The highest-selling NFT in history was ‘Everydays: The First 5000 Days’, by Beeple. It sold for $69,346,250 (38,525 ETH) on March 11, 2021. It is currently worth over $116 million.
  • NFT sales on OpenSea have now surpassed $14 Billion, at an average sale of $939. The global NFT market sales were only $300 million in 2020 per
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